Starting in 1999, the precursor to MBET was a simple commodity based abalone farm in central Baja with a relatively low profit margin. It progressed into growing all shellfish, most crustaceans, and many other valuable ocean plant and animal species.

MBET then advanced into a value-added business producing seafood pizzas, empanadas, and paellas for a major elite market chain. Over the last 17 years, MBET continued to focus on ocean and environmental innovation and has grown into 21 technology companies. This major MBET evolution had many forms: Members, Types of Businesses, Leaders, and most importantly, the Culture.

Kelp - the clean Bio Fuel

The business evolution of MBET is recognized in it’s changing names. Abalone Farming International (growing abalone for it’s meat), Aquafarming International (growing most shellfish and kelp/seaweed species), Commercial Marine Biology Institute (producing value added seafood meals and starting R & D on ocean technologies) and now Marine Biology & Environmental Technologies (advancing ocean and environmental science into 21 technology companies).

Using MBET Culture as our compass, over 370 active, dedicated, focused and very talented advisory board members, working in 37 high-performance teams, have navigated through the most difficult aquafarming period in history. The combination of The Great Recession and Global Warming has created the largest turnover in ocean-based companies ever.

The Culture is the story of MBET’s adjusting, adapting, acclimating and finally evolving to solve not only the problems of MBET businesses but also some of the world’s greatest problems: environmental, economic, and social. “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” (Abraham Lincoln)

MBET has the pieces in place and the scaling process has started. This process must be based on the extreme profitability of the technologically advanced MBET companies to assure sustainability and expandability. The individual profitability of each of the MBET companies will be maximized by the synergies of the companies themselves and the leveraging of time and talent of the leaders and members in these overlapping companies.These MBET companies’ synergies are priceless and are what most companies spend tremendous capital to create in the form of mergers and acquisitions. MBET’s organic growth has created a completely vertically integrated supply chain to control quantity, quality, sustainability, and security; leveraging MBET member talent in R & D, logistics and new technologies; increasing market share; expansion into new markets; economy of scale; geographical and geophysical diversification.

Having no venture capital and minimal debt (only to members) allows MBET the freedom to maintain its core values rather than focus on pure revenue production. In 2016 two of the MBET Businesses turned profitable to the extent of paying for the R&D of the remaining 19. In 2019 MBET expects four more companies to turn profitable and to be debt free. This will speed MBET’s goals exponentially. Marine Biology and Environmental Technologies’ Vision of “Feed, Heal and Power the World While Cleaning the Environment” is now in sight. This website helps define how MBET is accomplishing this.